Saturday, June 07, 2008


I was asked for new photos to show my weight loss. I'm not thrilled with these photos, but they'll do for this post. I'll start with the before and then the "now". I also discovered a new bra at Kohl's. It's about time I spent some good money for something so important. It's also more fun to buy a new bra when you're down to a 36 "C" from a 40 "D" ! After all, the "girls" aren't as young as they once were and need good support these days. I still have (and I think I always will have) the "Stanger" hips, but I'm slowly getting a waistline again. My new top is a medium (a size my upper body hasn't worn in ages) and my new shorts are a size 10. I bought 3 pair of 10's today and one pair of 12's that were a different style. It's great to be making this progress.

200 pounds 2-17-2008

166 pounds 6-7-08


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