Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wow..posting from home this time!!

I have a temporary fix on this computer ( I think). I downloaded Firefox and so far have not been having any problems navigating the internet. As you can see, I'm even able to post on my blog from home!!

This has been a very quiet and lonely week for me so far. Bob had to go North to PA to spend some time with his Mother who is ill. We aren't sure when he'll return, but I'm hoping it's soon as I miss him. The apartment just feels so empty without him here.

My Mother comes to visit me in 2 weeks. I'm flying her here for my Birthday. I want to spend some time with her before we move her out to California to live with my Mother. That's all happening in April sometime. oops...I meant she'll be living with my Sister...sheesh...I usually proof read these.

My posts will be short until I get back into the habit of posting again.

Hope you all are enjoying your New Year so far.


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