Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some assistance needed please.....

It's no secret if you have been stopping by here in the last year and browsing my blog, that I have been active in eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Back in September, I reached a 50 pound weight loss mark (not my goal) and have held onto that now ever since. After 3 and a 1/2 months of holding at 150, I just weighed in after a run to see I have finally broken the pattern and dropped a pound!! I'm now 149 pounds. Just a pound you say??!! Trust me, that makes me ecstatically happy. I focus on that as a step in headed back on track to more weight loss. I'm looking to drop another 15 to 20 pounds before I will say I'm done loosing weight. I'm very encouraged over this one pound. Just in the last week alone, everyday I have been stepping on the scale and it's been registering at 150.4. Five days in a row at the same exact number is odd for me. So yes, having that scale say 149.0 just now really pumps me up.

When I'm at the gym or jogging through the neighborhood, I always have my MP3 player tuned in to my ears. I have several varieties of songs on it but have been using 3 different "albums". They are (in no particular order)....Songs 4 worship, big band swing and Fired Up 3. I really like working out to "fun" and "upbeat" music. It energizes me. I really need new stuff though. My body "knows" when the beat slows, so it anticipates that I'm going to do just that. I have to get my mind into a "new groove" so to speak. Please give me some ideas. I'd love to know if anyone has some Latin tunes maybe or something that you may use that pumps you up. I'm open minded right now. There is music that the aerobics instructor picks that if I heard it on the radio I doubt I'd listen to it, but I concentrate on the beat and let my body move to it.

With my Mom's tenacious spirit and my tunes in my ears, I stay motivated to keep up my workouts. I need some help now. What can you tell me???


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