Sunday, September 14, 2008

So what's been happening....

There really hasn't been a lot going on to blog about. I did however sell my 12 year old Saturn on Thursday. I was happy about that. You never how that will turn out. It was in very good condition and I was only the 2nd owner the car ever had. When the man that bought it looked under the hood he was very impressed with it's condition. He bought it for his Daughter who is in college. I'm sure she hates the fact that it only has a cassette player and not a CD player, but hey, it's a set of wheels! I am buying my neighbors car and can't wait to take possession of it on Wednesday. It's a 2004 Honda Accord. That's a pretty good step up from a 1996 Saturn!!

I have no weight loss to report, but the good news is, I have no weight gain to report either. I've been bouncing around 154-156 for a while now and just need to get over that hump. I'm just happy that I'm not still hanging around the 170 mark that seemed to take forever to get over!

I heard from my Son the other day. He sent me an email to let me know what he's been doing. He says it's 118 degrees and humid. They had a mile walk to a training event ( in full gear) where they put 5 guys into a Humvee and hooked it to a spinning machine to simulate a roll over. He braced his hand on the ceiling and jammed his thumb a bit. He said it wasn't too bad because he could still move it. He also said his sleep pattern is none existent. They sleep when and where they can because they never know when they will send them somewhere. He'll have to get used to that.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Guess I'll go watch Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns.


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