Sunday, July 27, 2008

How we spent our Saturday evening

bob and I (and some friends of ours that are leaving soon to go to Sudan) went out last night to a local bar/hangout called Surf Club. We had been talking about stopping in there several times over the past two years and just never checked it out. There was a local Cheverly band playing last night called Soul Revolvers. The were very good and fun to listen to. Lots of our neighbors were there too making the evening loads of fun. Our friend that was with us kept calling out to the band to play "Free Bird" by Skynard which in turn made a few others call it out too. (Unless you were there you wouldn't get the same comic relief from it that we did). After a few hours, one of the band members said into the mic that "you'll hear whatever we play". It was great! The best part was after the band was done for the night, the bass player (same one that made the comment) started playing free bird solo with his bass guitar. We were shouting and clapping and then the lead guitar player came back up and finished Free Bird with him. We gave them a standing ovation! Our friend said it was the best rendition of Free Bird that he's ever heard! It was such fun last night. I hope that we'll get out more often like that to have some fun!


We just came home from our 2 hour Sunday morning workout at the gym(1pm) and I stepped on the scales. I'm happy to report that I've dropped 3 more pounds!!!! Wooo-Hooo!! I'm now down 43 pounds with only 17 more to go to reach my goal weight of 140!!! I'm so excited right now!!


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