Saturday, September 06, 2008

Latest update on things

Well let's see.

The first bit of news is that my Son left Friday morning to head off to Kuwait. He called me on Thursday evening to let me know that they "pulled weapons" and were finalizing all they had to do before leaving. He contacted me again Friday morning as they were on the bus and counting off, preparing to head to the airport. As far as I know, from an email I received from him this morning at work, was that they left Colorado and changed over in Maine before flying on to Shannon, Ireland where they had a 4 and 1/2 hour layover. The airport in Ireland had free internet access so he was able to let me know all of this. They flew from Ireland to Kuwait. Once he was situated in Kuwait, he borrowed someones phone to text me that he was in Kuwait. Now it will be a waiting game since I have no idea when I'll hear from him any time soon. They will be in Kuwait for 30 days before they get orders for the next phase of their deployment. He's not sure if it will still be Iraq or possibly Afghanistan. I'm being brave about him leaving and being over there, but as a Mom it's pretty tough. He tells me not to worry because he's a medic and he is considered a valuable asset so he will be protected. (sounds good, but the "enemy" also knows this and considers him a target). The good thing for now, is that with him being in Kuwait, he's in what the military considers a "safe zone". As things develop with him, I'll post more updates.

Any other news I have is that the computer still sucks canal water. (Ohio terminology when something really stinks) and that I've gained a few pounds back over Labor Day and need to get my ass in gear this week and get them back off. (making chocolate, peanut butter filled, cupcakes for our upcoming block party tomorrow isn't helping).

I guess that's all for now. Please keep my Son in your thoughts and prayers.


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