Friday, April 06, 2007

Back Home

I'm now back in Maryland!!! I left yesterday and had a wonderful drive. I surprised Bob since I told him that I'd be home on Friday. He was very happy to see me. My last week at my Daughter's was very busy and I didn't take time to post. I'm back now and expect to be post regularly again. Oh...and the problem I was having logging it to Blogger wasn't Blogger at all. I signed in just fine here on my computer. That makes it less of a chore to post when I can sign in without a problem.

I get to go to Bob's doctor's appointment with him to see how much longer he has to wear the aircast on his broken leg. It's healing and only a little sore now. He's hoping the Doc says he can wear it only when he feels the need....I'm thinking the Doc will tell him to continue to wear it. We'll see soon.


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