Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well don't I feel stupid now.......

You know how it is. It's football rivalry at it's best. You have your favorite teams for whatever reason they are. You brag about them. You boast nonstop how "your team" is the best and will beat the pants off the other team.

I'm a long time fan of Ohio State University
. Always have been. I must get it from my Mother who was and always has been the sports fanatic in our house. (My Father was a game show junkie). Knowing that OSU Played longtime rivals
yesterday, I was forever saying how OSU was gonna win. I'm happy and thrilled that they did too. I wish I could have watched that game as it was a sudden death win for OSU. Michigan sure made them fight for that victory. Way to go Buckeyes for hanging in there and and showing your fans you have what it takes to make them proud of you. Now My Bob just loves Penn State
. He makes sure I know that Penn State is league champs even though they were tied with OSU. In his reminder he must point out the fact that Penn State is on top BECAUSE THEY BEAT OSU back in October. (Yes Dear).

There was also another football rivalry going on here in Stark County, Ohio yesterday. The two local High Schools here that have been long time rivals since High schools were built; were matched up yet again this year in the playoffs. Mckinley High School "Bulldogs"( my Mother's alma mater) and Massillon High School "Tigers". I always root for Mckinley as I have never liked Massillon Tigers from ever since I was in High School (many years Both of these teams were undefeated when they matched up 3 weeks ago in regular season play. Mckinley stomped all over Massillon with a 38-8 win. Much celebrating was going on that day and for weeks after. Both Mckinley and Massillon won the remainder of their games. Now it's High School playoffs. Yesterday was the big game day for these 2 rivals to meet once again. Massillon was out for blood. Mckinley...well I can't speak for them but I'm most positive they were certain they would win like they did 3 weeks ago. I hang my head in shame this morning after all the boasting I did at work this past week. (I work at a restaurant in Massillon). Massillon not only beat the pants off Mckinley yesterday..they tore them to pieces and fed them to "Toby"...(Massillon's mascot the Tiger) with their 21-3...yes you are reading that correctly..victory. Mckinley is way better than that to have allowed such a wide margin in that score. Not only am I disappointed in them for loosing, but I'm ashamed to say I rooted for them. I'm not even calling Mother today. I'll see her tomorrow after she's had a day to calm down. Trust me when I say those Mckinley High School players should be damn lucky Mom's not allowed in the locker room......LOL....she'd give them a scolding like no coach has ever given before.

So, as I sit here reading the headlines and know this was somehow a just reward for my pompus attitude in my support of the team I was rooting for...I hang my head and wonder what the hell went wrong with the Bulldogs. I'll support them again next year and the years after, but today I'm a bit sad over it all.

Yes it's just football and just a game most of the time to me, but I and like others, enjoy it more when my favorite teams win!!


Blogger Pirate said...

sorry dear I have to go with Penn State too. Big Paterno fan and love their plain no big names approach to the game.

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