Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bob & Jan's excellent adventure...(part 3)

Omg...can you believe that I no sooner posted, that internet explorer closed!!!! Now you can see with all the detail I'm adding why I get so ticked off when I loose my posts....grrrrrr.....but thank goodness I didn't have to start alll over again. (I doubt I would then you would all have to wonder about the rest of our trip..hehehe.)

Thursday morning I was the 1st to wake up and I peeked out the balcony window and this is what I saw. What a spectacular sun rise. With all those dark clouds we thought for sure we would get snowed on that day. We got the best surprise as it rose to nearly 67 degrees suring the day. We walked nearly every where we went. We stopped by the wax museum and found Dr. Phil and just had to get a photo for our friend Cathy in Erie, Pa. Bob had coffee with Elvis. He also sat and contemplated with our President George W. Bush. I found Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks. That made for a fun time. We ventured over to the Ripley's Believe it or not museum and Bob sat in the chair of the Tallest man in history's chair. At the end of this museum you can get your hands made out of wax. Bob & I held hands and had that done. It came out great. ( photo not developed at this writing). We left Clifton Hill and ended up at the falls. We veiwed them from the top first and snapped some photos. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (which happens to be my favorite photo.) We took the Journey Behind the Falls tour so we could get some great photos from under the falls. Bob took the best one there and I'm so jealous. The light came through his camera perfectly. He loves it that I'm jealous too...hehehe. Here's another self photo. This one is my photo and as you can see...not nearly the quality photo that Bob's was. (he just got lucky is all; I keep reminding myself.) We spent hours walking around and enjoying all the sights we could. One visit was to the Hershey store. I had to chuckle at Bob's 1st reaction when he saw the sign. He was positive it had wind damage. Once he discovered that it was supposed to look like a partially eaten candy bar, he laughed at his reaction. It was cute. I bet alot of people do that. We decided that was enough for the day and headed back for some rest. Bob managed to get more than I did I believe. Bob chose dinner at the Skylon Tower. I have never been in there so I was really looking forward to it. The entire diningroom rotates once in an hour. Giving you a spectacular veiw. We chose to wait till dark because we wanted to see the view with all the lights. Bob ate the filet minon (sp check) and I chose the baked lobster tail. Both were fabulous. After dinner we went up to the observation deck. We managed to take a few photos but honestly my camera didn't do so well. Then again, the winds were about 40 mph and nearly knocked me on my ass. Bob snapped this one as I was turning to come back inside and you can see my hair is totally horizontal...hehehe. I managed a couple more but knew it wouldn't come out so good. We left and drove down to get a good view close up of the falls lit at night. Guess you just have to go see them because that was the best photo that came out for us.

That turned out to be another great day. Two fabulous days at Niagara Falls in a row. What possibly could top off this vaction?!

(stay tuned.......this will continue......)


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