Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bob & Jan's excellent adventure...(part 2)

Here I go again....hopefully to write the completion before blogger decides to close 3/4 of the way through and dumping all my efforts. Bob & I had awonderful time and I just want to share the details. By doing so I get to relive it and that makes me happy. Until ofcourse blogger decides I have talked too much. So....to continue on now................................................

We walked into the emigration office and were directed to the far side. The gentleman sitting there at the computer was totally expressionless and reaches up for our ID's. He continues to ask the same questions we were asked outside. Only he added a few more. "are you employed?" (yes) "where?" ( Friendly's / self employed...(he looks at Bob) "doing what?" construction). "How do you know each other?" ( we still have no clue why we both stumbled over this one but I spoke up and said we were dating). " have you ever been denied entry before?" (no) "have a seat while I view your ID's." Now we sat in the seats provided and watched him get up and walk through some door labeled "Authorized Personnel Only". Bob was certain he was coming back out with a cop on each side to take us away somewhere. They leave you with no explaination and your mind does goofy shit like wander and think bad things. I looked at Bob and asked him.."is there anything about you I need to know about?". He was wondering the same thing as he couldn't imagine what they could have found on his ID to cause suspicion. He figured if it would have been on either of our ID's it would have been his. He answered with "I hope not...I don't think so...no." It was a tense moment I won't lie. He wsn't really gone behind that door forever, it just seemed like it. Bob was releived when he came back alone. He said we can come get our ID's that we are okay to go. Bob asked if that was a random check and the man said.."no you got the whole treatment". In both our minds we were like WTF!!!???? Neither of us dared asked for a further explaination, we just got the hell out of there and went straight to the hotel. Not caring that check in was not till 3pm and it was only 1pm. We needed to sit and rest our minds.

I will not lie...at this point in our journey I was near tears and it took tons of energy not to shed a one. Bob went in to register and I decided to check out the sound system in the rental truck. I needed the distraction. Wow, awesome sound system too by the way and made me want this truck even more than the comfy seats and nice ride. Bob comes out and says let take our things in, they said we can leave the truck here since it's raining then park it. I didn't want to see the room yet as Bob chose a "speciallty room" and it was a surprise. Still needing a moment to relax and calm down I left him at the door to the room to go and park the truck. In the elevator I nearly lost that tear I told myself not to let drop. When I returned and knocked on the door, Bob in his most boyish playful voice said ..."who is it?". That made me smile and I was ready to relax. He wanted to "prepare the room" for a photo shot of me entering. He chose the Heart room. They had "Gone with the wind" posters all around the room and a heart shaped jaccussi in there. We finally sat down and collected our thoughts and made a promise to enjoy ourselves and not let what just happened ruin our time together. I freshened up abit as he looked over the info packet that was in the room for different things to do and places to eat. We chose the hotel restaurant since it was rainy outside and just figured we stay inside. Well those plans changed in a hurry when we got down there only to discover they only serve breakfast this time of year. Go figure. So out in the drizzle cold rain we went. I drove us up to Clifton Hill. We chose to eat at Boston pizza. Let me tell you it's well worth the money. We had the best ever honey bbq ribs you'll ever find in my opinion. This place is one giant game room and we played whhile waiting on the food. We had a blast. We did a little shopping after words. One purchase was an umbrella that let me tell you is no good in a wind tunnel...hehehe. We went into a couple museums and while we were in there, the rain stopped. I drove us down to the Gorge. I just love the white water rapids. I can sit down here for hours watching the water and listening to the roar as the waves come crashing by on the rocks. It was a special time as when we arrived they had closed it up due to lack of visitors but re opened it just for us. How cool was that. Bob had never been down to the Gorge before so it was cool watching him soak it all in. We took several photos of each other. I like this one. He likes this one....(which I softened in my picasa program). Bob found a wall where people had carved names on it so he decided to as well. Isn't that cute. I like this self photo we attempted too. The weather was calm down there and we didn't feel the cold. completley different once back up to the top.

Skipping ahead to dinner, I chose Mama Mia's. Bob had a linquini with shrimp dish and I had a huge plate of lassagna that I couldn't even finish. Food was good, but we both decided the atmosphere was weird and I doubt we'll go back there again. After a very long and exhausting but excillerating day, we headed back to the hotel. Now what good is a jaccussi in your room if you don't put it to use. We had fun playing in it and I never knew you could have so many bubbles in your bath....hehehe. ( I made Bob promise not to show these photos to anyone..I'm allowed to change my mind...right?)

What a great way to end an "official 1st day of vacation"!!

(now to post and continue so I don't "loose it" again)


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