Friday, November 18, 2005

My day so far............

I woke up at nearly 7:30 this morning and actually slept pretty well. I haven't been feeling well lately since my sinuses have taken over my head. During our vacation last week...(wow it really has been a week ago ..sheesh) my left ear kept closing up on me and I was having trouble with the pressure and not being able to hear very well. I got so tired of saying "huh" or "what" whenever Bob was saying something to me. I purchased an ear wax removal kit to see if the helps any before I break down and call the doctor to get them cleaned out. So far it isn't doing much to improve the situation for me.

It has only been in the 20's here so I have been using my hat, scarf, gloves and ear muffs like a good girl. It was 24 degrees when I woke up this morning and thank goodness for my electric blanket that Bob bought for me last winter. I was toasty warm all night in this super cold ass apartment. The last thing I need it to get really sick. #1 I hate being sick and turn into a super whiney baby and it's torture to be ill when the only other living soul in your house is the dog. Don't get me wrong, he's a great companion for keeping my feet warm but he knows absolutely less more kitchen skills than I do so I wouldn't get any fresh hot chicken soup from him.

I had the headache from hell nearly all day. I spent the day at my Mother's hemming 2 pairs of pants for her. With her being so short...(only 4' 7") she has a big problem finding pants with a short enough inseam for her. I always hem them up and trim off the excess material. Today I trimmed off 6". I was supposed to make some phone calls for her to see about getting her some assistance with her gas bill. Although she's on the budget plan, they just increased it from $76 a month to $127!!! She's on a fixed income and that is just outrageous for the tiny little 2 bedroom one floor house she lives in. My head was pounding from the sound of my own voice let alone anything coming out of the phone reciever. I told her I was off again on Monday and would come back over and make that call for her than. I did however, take her out to lunch.

I stopped by walmart and bought myself a small vaporizor. It's pretty cool. You don't use water with this kind. It's made by Vicks and you just plug it in and put these little vapor strips in it so that when it heats up it fills the room with vicks vapors...( a smell I detest but want my head to open up and my sinuses to stop draining into my ears.) Earlier before the Walmart trip, I had sent some digital photos that Bob took to Walmart from my computer so they could print them for me. They came out great. So now not only do I have prints here of the things I took photos of, I now have the photos Bob took to put into frames for my walls. While I was there I bought myself a lamp for my computer area. The space I have it in is just way too dark. They had some picture frames on sale...(how convinient for me...hehehe) so I bought some for my new photos.

I've been sitting here balancing up the check book and reading a couple emails. After reading a few blogs I figured I'd come post in here. I have enjoyed this day off and just wish I felt better. I can't even breathe out of the right side of my nose. Though I don't have a headache of sorts, I doo feel tons of pressure around my nose and behind my eyes. I hate having sinus trouble.

I'm wishing I knew exactly what the dog wants when he just sits in the middle of the room and whines. I swear it's just an attention getter for me to play with him. He doesn't want out because he did his business about 50 times already today and besides that, he was just out there about 1/2 an hour ago.

I have a zillion things running through my head...perhaps that's why it's been hurting more than usual..hehehe. Thinking about the up coming holidays and what that means to me...etc. Thinking about my job and how much I need it verses how much I hate it...etc. Wishing Bob was back here with me or that I was there with him. Wishing my truck was paid off now instead of in 4 more months. Sometimes I just get tired of thinking.

Soooooooooo...........that's been my day so far.

*edit time*...........after blog surfing I see that a little friendly Blog diference of opinion is in order here....Janelle...sorry Hon....but Ohio State is going to win this time!!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!


Blogger kathi said...

I'm going to look for that vaporizer today...didn't know they had that. My husband really needs it. Thanks for that tip!!

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