Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ear remedies.....

With all the thoughtful solutions to my ear troubles this week...I decided I'm sticking to my doctor's appointment in the morning.

So far I've had Kathi give me insight to burning a candle in my ear (conning as Wendy called it) to Wade hoping it's not more serious and for me to pay close attention if my body starts to feel dizzy to this letter from a friend in a community group I belong to... :

I have chronic ear problems . . . from years of loud noises (war, etc....) and high-altitude parachute jumping (war, etc...).... and to this day I always feel like I have "Swimmer's Ear". What I have to do often is take a deep breath, hold it, hold my nose and swallow until my ears 'pop' . . . it's a little painful, but bearable. This will puff out your ear drums and will often allow fluid to drain, that's that 'closed' feeling you get in your ears. It works for me, and improves my hearing slightly . . . for you, it may completely clear up the problem.


Now, I'm not so sure anyone that is a clutz by nature like myself to be burning a candle in or by my ear....I'm not doubting that works....I actual would believe that over the email letter that William sent me for Heaven's sake. Wade...thanks and I'll be aware and will be going to a Doctor ASAP if anything like that should occur. I'm most positive the Doctor will be telling me that they are just impacted with wax and will clean then out. The entire time he yells at me for not being on the presciption sinus meds I'm supposed to be on and for not visiting him in well over 2 years now. Not having insurace plays a huge part in my not taking what I'm supposed to. That shit gets very costly these days. I'd rather be able to buy groceries and fill my gas tank than pay out the ass for meds for the rest of my life. Now on the other hand I do want to be able to breathe without all this stuffyness and pain in my ears. Oh what to do. Guess I'll just be patient and find out tomorrow what's up.

Stayed tuned as you know I'll post an update.

Wish I had a turkey for tomorrow's HNT photo....hmmmmm....I am going to the store in a minute......naaaaawwwwwwww....I can't to that...I'm no where near brave enough...LMAO!!!


Blogger Sherry said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Ear pain is tough!

8:56 PM  
Blogger bb said...

as much as i respect yer "blogmates" honey....thank you for not setting yer ear on fire...and also fer not trying williams "blow yer lid off technique"

9:11 PM  
Blogger Chrissie said...

ouch... i hate earaches...
Just found you through Bill! And anyone whos best bud is a pit bull is OK in my book!
Beautiful pics down there... your Grand Baby is adorable as a fairy!
I'll bb! Nice blog! Thanks!

9:17 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Jan - I didn't even finish reading this -- I got as far as burning candle and ear ... NO! No, no, no, no noooooo!!! Coning is NOT done with a candle. It's done with special paper, wrapped into the shape of a long cone (ice cream cone ... long and skinny) and it's lit on fire --- FOR A MINUTE - then blown out. The SMOKE then is inside the cone, which is put near the opening of your ear - and THAT draws the wax out. Please don't ever put FIRE near your ear!!! If you have a homeopathic place near you, I'm sure they do it there. Places that do acupunture, massage, aromatherapy, etc - would do coning. I rarely have ear problems, and when my mom was learning to do the coning, she used me as her 'test' subject. I was shocked and appalled at what came out of my ears ... and I had NO idea what I wasn't hearing previous to the coning! Please go to a person who knows that the heck they're doing. Do NOT burn a candle in your ear!

4:29 PM  

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