Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This week's theme is "Hobby". I really struggled with this one because I like to do a few different things, but I really don't have a Hobby. I like to read and I like to crochet and I also love photography...yet I don't believe I do any one of these items like a person would if it were a hobby to them. I chose to photograph my small book collection of John Grisham novels and my John Sandford novels. I mainly chose these because I received new john Grisham novel for Christmas (which I haven't read yet) and I just recently purchased a new John Sanford novel while at the grocery store check out yesterday. ***there are 2 of the same John Grisham novel because Bob and I were going to read them at the same time then compare our thoughts on the book at different stages of reading it, but he was too busy and never read it.***


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