Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sometimes I really hate this computer!!!!!!

I was sitting here typing away on a rather lenghly post of my thoughts this morning when (as usual anymore) my computer decides it's done working. Pages "freeze" or "hangs up" I believe is the terminology techy people use. I hate it. Not only does it throw out anything I've said, but it ruins my train of thought or my desire to start all over. I know it isn't my ISP. I'm sure I have spyware or something that is the culprit. I have defragged and dumped "cookies" and files. This is just aggrivating!!! Perhaps it's a sign to get off my fat ass and do something more constructive than journal my thoughts.

To think I was in a good mood I'm just pissed off. Perhaps later after I've contemplated setting a bomb to this computer, I'll change my mind and try to post again after I'm not so irritated!!!!! Could it be that I just need a new computer??? I bought it brand new in April of that old in computer years????

Any bright techy people out there have any ideas for me before I use my son's aluminum baseball bat he left here on it??????


Blogger bricotrout said...

2002? and its still running? LOL! thats like 50 in human years. what kind of antispyware programs do you run on it? get adaware and spybots. run them both weekly. and STAY OFF THOSE PORN SITES!!! thas whats doing it to you! those are a haven for spyware, trust me! ;)

10:00 AM  

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