Saturday, October 22, 2005

100 Things about me

I've read 2 of these lists so far today. ( Dale's & Pirate's) I figured what the heck, I'm sure I have 100 or more things to share about me............................

1. I'm the youngest of 2 girls.
2. I used to play alone alot in the hall closet (it never had a door). I used to make a tent with a sheet held on by all the clothes was a great place to be "alone".
3. I used to be afraid of sirens till my Dad took me to a fire near by so I could see what was making that noise.
4. I grew up hating my Dad because he used to beat my Mom up infront of me.
5. I beat on my Dad when I was 13 and told him to never hit my Mother again or he'd have to deal with me....He stopped till I moved out at 18 and even then it was rare...then finally he stopped.
6. I forgave my Dad years I just feel sorry for him since he's been living in a nursing home after his stroke in 1996.
7. I'm Proud of my Daughter who is 26 and a single Mom with a child on the way from yet another failed relationship. She's making a good living and raising my Grand daughter up very well.
8. I miss my Son who moved to Florida back in June.
9. I love my Mother even though she drives me hear that's what Mom's are for...makes me wonder what my own kids really think of
10.I have a membership to a fitness center that I'm always to lazy to get to.
11. I'm 5' 4" and currently at 175 Lbs.
12. I hate food.
13. I eat too much.
14. I have blue green eyes
15. I'm a dark brunette...(I miss my highlights)
16. My hair is longer now than it has been in years.....(1/2 way down my back)
17. My parents have been married for 51 years....been apart for the last 6 years with Dad being where he is.
18. I got pregnant with my daughter on Prom night May 6,1978.
19. I got married 2 days before my senior year of high school August 27, 1978.
20. Was married 15 yrs and 2 days.....(divorce was final August 29, 1993)
21. I stayed single and didn't date until December of 2001
22. I had 2 failed relationships since then.
23. I worked for Subway for 18 years.
24. I'm having trouble with this list as it's taking my mind to 1000's different places of my life all at
25. I hated Barbie dolls.
26. My favorite toy was my Mom's erector set.....(a real one with real nuts and bolts and screws..not plastic anything).
26. I had 150 matchbox cars and trucks.
27. I had more fun playing in the dirt than riding my bike.
28. I got mad at Sandy Kendrick for jumping off her bike while I was riding on the handle bars and the bike hit the telephone pole and I fell off.
29. I had a crush on my 6th grade teacher Mr Ewing.
30. My all time favorite teacher was Mrs Untch from 7th grade....she helped me make honor roll.
31. I was always a "C" average student that never really applied myself...(if I could only do that over again).
32. I used to babysit the neighbor girls when I was 13.
33. I stopped babysitting the night their dad raped me when he came home from work....he was 42 years old the pervert...I'm glad he's dead now.
34. I learned the power of forgiveness many years's what keeps me moving forward and not looking back at mistakes and errors or bad things.
35. My favorite color is blue.
36. My favorite flower is carnations.
37. I think roses are pretty but to me they stink.
38. I used to love to shoot with my Exhusband.
39. I used to be a pretty good shot with a my hands hurt to much.
40. I gutted a deer once after my ex shot it.
41. I skinned the rabbits myself.
42. I have no desire to ever do that again.
43. I love to take walks...mostly casual ones.
44. I love being in the woods.
45. I want to live in a log cabin someday.
46. I collect wolves.
47. My chat Name is Amani.
48. I chose Amani from a wolf kit my son bought me for Mother's day one means "to speak the truth".
49. My feet are cold.
50. I hate the cold.
51. I hate living in Ohio.
52. I love to drive on trips.
53. I want to visit Ireland someday before I die.
54. My Great Grand Parents where from Ireland.
55. My G-Grandpa McCall use to call me his "Little Daisy Sunshine".
56. I barely rember him as he died when I was very little.
57. I used to want toast everytime I was at their house because the toast used to "fly" out of the toaster when it popped up.
58. I hate the "heels" of the loaf of bread.
59. I love peanut butter and banana sandwhiches with chocolate milk.
60. I'm addicted to chocolate.
61. I like spanish peanuts of all the kinds of peanuts out there.
62. I drive a 1998 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.
63. My first car ever was a Dodge Coronet.....big ugly thing I hated it.
64. I went through a 12 step program for co-dependancy...(was co-dependant on people not a substance.)
65. I used to hate being in a room alone.
66. I love my space now.
67. I'm also ready to share my space with Bob.
68. I haven't had cable tv for 3 years.
69. I'm addicted to my computer.
70. I think mind doesn't sleep.
71. I want to go to college for a degree in photography.
72. I have chronic sinusitis and need meds but can't afford them so I suffer.
73. I gave birth the "normal way" to a healthy 10lb 4oz baby on May 15th,1981...he's 24 now and 6ft tall.
74. My first baby weight 8lbs 9oz...she's the 26yr old and only 5' 2".
75. I had a hysterectomy when I was 24 because I had a prolapsed uterus...(it was falling out).
76. I found my ex husband's body in his mobile home on April 6,2000...he died in his sleep 2 weeks after coming out of the hospital after a heart attack...he was 43.
77. I forgave God after driving on the highway and screaming at him for the hurt that caused.
78. My biggest fear is that I'll out live my kids.
79. My greatest accomplishment is that I overcame my fear of being if I can get over come my fear of failure.
80. I hold myself back from trying new things.
81. I love Bob and want to be with him for the rest of my life.
82. I hate being away from him.
83. I have learned to be patient for the right time.
84. I discovered I like working with tools.
85. I'm not a fan of cooking but can cook.
86. I hate doing laundry.
87. I love horses and always wanted one.
88. I love my pitbull and fear loosing him one day.
89. I have an urge to write something...(essay, short story) anything...I don't know why.
90. I over use tolerance.
91. I interrupt people and don't mean to.
92. I want new clothes because I hate all the ones I have.
93. I never thought this would be as tough to come up 100 things about me as it is.
94. I call my truck "George".
95. I can't stop thinking about Bob being here in 2 weeks.
96. I love to sing but can't carry a tune to save my ass.
97. I love to dance but never do unless I'm drunk and I rarely drink.
98. I'm afraid of drowning and can't swim but still enjoy jumping off a diving board.
99. I've worn glasses(or contacts) since the 4th grade.
100. I have 100 or more things about me and could keep going but fear I have bored anyone reading this.


Blogger kathi said...

This was amazing. I'm in awe of you, I'd stopped at 15, and 14 of them would have been boring as hell. Good job Jan! Also, an excellent way to let us get to know you, and love you all the more!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I just loved your list !
nothing about it or you could ever be boring :)
isn't it amazing that when you sit down and start thinking about all of it, just how much comes to your mind? we pack a lot of stuff into our lives and then some !

9:25 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

I liked your list. I am sorry for some of the things you have had to endure. I am glad you know how to forgive. I was not bored, but enlightened. Now, I know you better.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Kodijack said...

I like that you named your truck.

You are a stronger person than me, I would still be very angry over some of the things you have endured.

I wish you and Bob all the best, sounds like you deserve each other.

Thank you for this list.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

This is a WONDERFUL list! I read every last one and was not ever bored! You silly goose!! :~) I read these lists that people post and you know, I feel so lucky. I cannot believe what you've had to endure. I posted my list somewhere in my September posts. I thought I'd never think of 100 things, and yet I did and now could keep going. Funny how sitting down and putting it makes so many more things come to mind. You're a strong Gal and you should be very proud of your life.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Number fifty-nine was a childhood favorite of mine and I couldn't agree more with seventy-eight.

You have helped inspire me to attempt this on my own. Thanks!

6:56 PM  
Blogger Pirate said...

You have such a nice smile and pretty eyes which hide some of the absolute Bs you have had to endure. Shame on those who projected their fears and inferiorities onto you.

I hope Bob gets there soon for you.

7:35 PM  

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